This method uses a combination of massage, exercise therapy and electrotherapy (antalgic currents like Tens, ultrasound, laser, hot/cold therapy).

We use physiotherapy in case of lesions after an accident, rehabilitation post surgery, chronic complaints with to  much inflammation where osteopathic treatment does not have an effect (anymore).

Very often I combine physiotherapy with osteopathy. When only local treatment is given on a symptom, one sometimes has a limited effect of the treatment. Thus there is no sufficient healing, or the problem is recurring after some time.

This can be caused by the fact that there are movement or postural problems that have their cause somewhere else in the body. These problems can interfere with the symptom that is treated with physiotherapy. Sometimes these interfering problems are located in another area than that of the symptom, and don’t cause any pain in that spot. You might not be aware of that problem.

Very often these interfering problems are located in the spine. For this reason the osteopath gives so much attention to the spine. Anyway, a preliminary osteopathic treatment enhances the efficiency of following physiotherapy treatment or massage.

In case of doubt, ask for a free diagnosis.

Due to the high demand for osteopathy treatments, we can give only one session per week physiotherapie.

Physiotherapy: €30,- per session