Hot Stone

Hot Stone

One of the most beautiful massages!

Hot Stone therapy is a warming massage, very relaxing  for mind and body. In this massage round basaltstones are used, volcanic stones that have been polished by the influence of water and sand through the ages.

The massage in itself consists mainly of long circular movements. The combination of warmth and movement makes the massage more effectiver and the pressure of the stones creates a kind of “stretching effect” on the muscles, the effect goes deeper. This massagetechnique stimulates the function of organs and the metabolism. It helps to drain toxic waste out of the body , brings the body in balance and activates its selfhealing mechanisms. In Optimove you get two massages in one. First you get a handmassage, afterwarts the hot stones and always with warm oil. This treatment has a wonderful relaxing effect.  Both men and women are very fond of Hot Stone massage.

 When is Hot Stone massage apropriate?

  • in case of stress, fatigue or tensions
  • muscleproblems
  • blockages
  • rheumatism and osteoarthritis (if not inflamed)
  • bad circulation
  • fibromyalgia and CFS

 When not?

  • infectious skin disease
  • wounded or inflamed skinn
  • psoriasis
  • fever
  • risk for thrombosis
  • pregnancy

Persons with diabetes, heart– and vascular disease or high blood pressure need to ask advice to their doctor.

Full Body   90 min. €60,-

Back, shouldergirdle and neck   60 min. €50,-